1 Martie Martisor * Coloring greeting card

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Daisy Coloring Page

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1 Martie Martisor * Greeting card for 1 March

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Puteti desena ce doriti in cerculet, puteti sa va puneti fotografia sau sa scrieti urarile voastre de 1 Martie!


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Princess Coloring Pages brings you a coloring sheet of this cute princess - and if you'd like to look like a princess ....just click on the costume image below....

Rose Princess Costume - Princess Costumes

First Up Coloring Pages

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The very first coloring page for Pixar’s “Up” is finally here! Featuring Carl Fredricksen himself. And Russel, the Wilderness Explorer. Who, judging by the trailer, came uninvited…

And here is some movie trivia:

Did you know that Carl Fredricksen is partially based on Spencer Tracy?

Honestly, leave it to Pixar to come up with a ridiculous plot and then pull it of. I mean, I have no idea how they are planning to do it. An 8 year old and a 78 year old in a flying house?

But then again, they did pull of a story about a lonely robot cleaning up the planet, didn’t they?

And a cooking rat?

I’m telling you. These guys are magicians. Pixar is the renaissance art of our generation. They can’t be beat. They can’t even be approached. They are in a league of their own.

Which is why I’m going to throw another Up coloring page here. Just to get you warmed up!

Now don’t you wish it was summer already?


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Here is a Princess picture for you to print and color...and a Cinderella costume that is simply stunning....
Cinderella -size 2/4

Spring Flowers * Coloring page * Flori (la cerere)

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Free Disney Pixar Up Coloring Pages

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This is the home for Disney Pixar Up Coloring Pages.

Developed by the geniuses behind such amazing features like Wall-e, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo, Up is promising to be the big hit of summer 2009.

And we will be posting Up Coloring Pages right here. Free and printable. No catch. Cause we love coloring. And so do our kids.

So stay tuned.

Bee Happy! Bee my Valentine!

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